1. Close up - High polished instrument panel from a 1940’s bomber. Ready for lift off.


  2. Gorgeous weather station. Clock, barometer, thermometer, calender and compass. The ultimate men’s desk accessory. 1940’s.


  3. Welcome big rhino friend. This bench was made for Abercrombie in the 1940’s.


  4. Jaeger Le Coultre globe clock. Rare, beautiful, and miraculously in one piece. 1940’s.


  5.  Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful bracelet. Vintage YSL. Just arrived. Gimmie.


  6. There is no way to Love. Love is the way.

    There’s still a long road ahead, but today’s decision is a step in the right direction.

    Robert Indiana ca. 1960’s


  7. Robert Loughlin, RIP, on board. Displayed on a beautiful, polished steel industrial easel.


  8. Gucci. Italy. 925 sterling silver.


  9. 1960’s Gucci Watch. Never before seen, and from the looks of it, never before worn. Love.


  10. Picasso Madoura bowl. French 50’s. Beautiful.